Zero Waste Events

Nicole got her start with overhauling the local Boy Scout’s annual Pancake Breakfast that serves over 500 people to make it a zero waste event!   The waste produced was reduced to two bags, from 18! Whether you are planning a block party, birthday party, small get together, etc, she can help guide you in planning and executing a sustainable event.


“Nicole was super helpful in reducing unnecessary waste at our Boy Scout Annual Fundraiser. She provided many insightful and practical ideas that made it easy for us to apply the changes to an event that we had been having for several decades. Additionally, it was a great showcase for the community and a real learning opportunity to all the youth and adults involved. We incorporated alternatives to wasteful disposable products and leveraged some composting services. These waste reduction changes made a real impact to manage the waste of over 500 participants and resulted in what is normally 18 bags of garbage to only two! It was really eye opening on what an impact these changes could make to the environment. We really appreciated Nicole’s help in this transition and are inspired to find other ways to reduce waste.”

Troop 5 Scoutmaster

Interested in reducing waste for your next event?