Zero Waste Talks

Nicole offers speaking engagements at a variety of venues including libraries, schools, small group gatherings and more. 
With hand-on props and humor, she breaks down the imitating “zero waste” term to ensure her audience has a solid understanding of how to reduce their waste.
While engaging her audience, Nicole lays out practical and realistic simple swaps to rethink consumer habits.

Walk away feeling informed, excited and inspired to take action! 


“I am a 5th grade math and science teacher. One of our most powerful science units is “Impact Earth”.  This allows students to see what is being done to our earth and what we can do about it NOW. As an educator, it is my priority to get community members involved and make learning come alive for students and that is exactly what Nicole did with her “Imperfect Zero Waste” presentation.

Nicole came in with extensive knowledge and experiences to speak on what we can be doing to be the change. As a result, my students are now doing simple things that they had not known would help before. Many families are now composting at their own homes, bringing glass dishes or reusable cups to restaurants, and bringing their own metal silverware when they go for ice-cream. As an end of year gift, students even bought me my first set of metal straws. They are excited about making these small changes that will help our planet. I firmly believe that because of Nicole’s message through her presentation, my students and those they share the knowledge with will be the change this world needs NOW.”
Michelle, 5th grade teacher,
Highcrest Middle School

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